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In South Seattle, teens collect moss to help ID air quality

Residents of Seattle’s Duwamish River Valley have long known they suffer from high levels of air pollution. Air pollution that comes from nearby heavy industry, highways and air traffic has plagued South Seattle neighborhoods.

To the point that we have 13 years of life…

Vikings on Mars 2020-06-08
De-escalation Keeps Protesters And Police Safer. Departments Respond With Force Anyway

But just because there’s no data about protests that can be easily compared in a chart doesn’t mean we’re bereft of information, said Pat Gillham, a professor of sociology at Western Washington University. There’s 50 years of research on violence at protests, dating back to the …

Increased Hawaii Seismic Activity Not Considered a Danger

The most likely cause of the recent swarm is a subterranean movement of magmatic fluids within the volcano, although Neal added the earthquakes could also be caused by gas or fluid escaping from Loihi.

Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a Western Washington University professor who has studied…

Women in Ecology – Angela Strecker

If you’ve been following our Women in Ecology series, you’ve probably noticed a few common themes: the value of mentorship in STEM fields is highly important, and gender diversity in the workplace continues…

These Chinese Christians Were Branded A Criminal ‘Cult.’ Now They Have to Flee

Holly Folk, a professor at Western Washington University, is sympathetic. “Once you examine the track record,” she says, “you realize none of the accusations are true.” Analyzing the campaign against the CAG, “You see the exact same move by the Chinese government against the Falun Gong.”

Curiosity rover overcomes temporary freeze after ‘attitude adjustment’

"In the images from orbit, it looks like someone drew a thick straight line with a dark felt marker on the southeastern side of the butte," wrote Melissa Rice, planetary geologist at Western Washington University in a mission blog post. "From the ground, it looks like a shallow ditch filled with…

New Book by Western’s Jared Ross Hardesty Shines a Fresh Light on Slavery in New England 2020-01-24
The Past and the Future of the Earth’s Oldest Trees

"Hope you’ve read up on the curse of the bristlecone,” Andy Bunn told me, with mock concern, over breakfast at a diner in Bishop, California. We were joined by Matt Salzer, a veteran researcher from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Bunn, who teaches environmental…

How 30 years of research built a language bridge between Siberia and the native peoples of North America 2020-01-09
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