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Higher education during a pandemic: Giving it the old college try

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, only about one-quarter (23.5%) of the country's colleges and universities are planning to hold classes primarily in-person this fall. Slightly more (27.8%) will be mostly online, and 16% will be a hybrid of the two. And with weeks to go before…

Nervous Freshmen, Nervous Colleges

Colleges that have been struggling to get their yield rate equivalent (or at least close) to last year's may be in for a rude awakening.

SimpsonScarborough is releasing a survey tomorrow of incoming freshmen who aspired to attend a four-year residential college that finds that 40 …

Washington State Looks To Up Its Game On College Completion, And Job Training

Washington has a problem. Nearly 56 percent of students attending four-year public colleges in the state did not graduate within four years, and 71 percent did not graduate from two-year public post-secondary schools within three years, according to a …

Why student scholarships are about much more than just the money

“Spread your wings when you retire,” advises Lynne Masland of Bellingham.

She has taken her own recommendation. Since retiring as communications director at Western Washington University, Masland, 75, has written a book about the history of the Bellingham YWCA, published a collection of…

Celebrating a Half-Century of Service in American Association of University Women

The Lewis County Branch of the American Association of University Women honored Luana Graves on her 50th anniversary with the organization on Thursday, June 2, at the group’s annual potluck at Stillwaters Estates in Centralia.
Members arranged for flowers and cake and had some photos,…

Smooth the path from two- to four-year colleges

ACROSS Washington, newly-admitted college students are breathing a sigh of relief with the stress of the application process behind them. But for many students, the decision about where to earn their college degrees has just begun.

Almost half of Washington’s college-bound seniors enroll…

Skagit Valley College president honored as distinguished WWU alumni

Skagit Valley College President Tom Keegan was honored earlier this month with a distinguished alumni award from Western Washington University.

“Tom is a visionary leader who creates and fosters an environment centered on people, encouraging personal and professional growth and supporting…

UW professors consider forming faculty labor union

This past winter, a popular article circulated on social media platforms with the headline, “Adjunct professor hoping some student leaves behind warm pair of gloves.” In the article, originally published by satirical newspaper “The Onion,” a 41-year-old faculty member hoped one of their students…

Playbook for Transfer

Researchers have known for a while now that most community college students want to earn a bachelor's degree, but few go on to do so.
Only 14 percent of students who first enroll at a community college transfer and eventually earn a four-year degree within a six-year period. It's…

Photos: Black Excellence Ball at WWU 2016-05-09
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