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During the COVID-19 pandemic, some Whatcom industries are faring better than others

Economists have been speculating about how industries will recover during the pandemic. As discussed in a recent Western Insights economic forecast Zoom presentation, instead of the “V” shape…

How coronavirus could make Bellingham a new Seattle suburb

"Folks that are more typical renters have seen much more financial impact from COVID-19 than people who are buying homes," said James McCafferty, co-director of Western Washington University's Center for Economic and Business Research. "That's one of the reasons the home market has remained…

Paycheck Protection Program spent $320 million in Whatcom County. Here’s where it went

How many jobs the Paycheck Protection Program actually saved is difficult to measure. The federal estimates are based on how many employees were at risk when the company applied for the program, but there are many other factors involved, said Hart Hodges, co-director at Western Washington’s…

Even as the economy reopens, Whatcom County residents are still losing jobs. Here’s why

Unemployment and jobless data will probably continue to bounce around quite a bit, said Hart Hodges, co-director at the Center for Economic and Business Research at Western…

‘Gig economy’ workers struggle in COVID-19 world amid scant access to benefits

"Knowing how important they are, knowing how vulnerable they are, I think we’re now at the start of a new conversation," said Hart Hodges, who runs the Center for Economic and Business Research via Western Washington University.

State’s job market takes hit from coronavirus, Whatcom expected to quickly rise

Hart Hodges is one of those bracing for a spike in job losses. Hodges, the co-director at the Center for Economic and Business Research at Western Washington University, said after that…

Whatcom bankruptcies continue to drop, but are residents still financially stressed?

If household debt is rising in Whatcom County, that is something to monitor, said Hart Hodges, director at Western Washington University’s Center for Economic and Business Research. More debt can work if income is going up so that it can be serviced appropriately, and that can be a sign of…

Whatcom’s unemployment rate is on the rise, but is that a bad sign for job market?

Hart Hodges agreed, saying more people seem to be moving here with a belief they can find work. Hodges is the co-director at the …

Whatcom County’s job growth is among the best in the U.S. Here’s why

On July 30 USA Today published a list of the metro areas with the best employment growth between May 2014 and May 2019. The…

Bellingham ranks well in economic study because of consistent growth across many jobs

The overall picture for Bellingham continues to be slow and steady growth, said Hart Hodges, director at the 

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