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WWU chemistry students, faculty publish new paper on reducing greenhouse gases 2023-12-01
Second Call for 2024-2025 Honors Seminar Proposals  2023-12-01
Even Though Tarsiers, One Of The Oldest Nocturnal Primates Alive Today, Were Discovered During The Eighteenth Century, Not Many People Know About The Existence Of This Tiny Creature

According to Myron Shekelle, a biology instructor and researcher at Western Washington University, this absence of the reflective layer in the tarsier’s eyes offers some insight into the evolution of primates.

He stated that tarsiers may have once been diurnal primates, which means they…

The Scientist Who Decodes the Songs of Undersea Volcanoes

We often think of volcanoes as skyscraping marvels, but these portals to the geologic underworld also reside underwater. Unfortunately, submarine volcanoes are trickier to study than their terrestrial siblings. But you would be hard-pressed to find anyone more enchanted by them — and more…

WWU’s Robin Kodner Secures $1.9M NSF Grant to Support DEI Initiatives in Scientific Societies 2023-10-31
Western alum creates nasal spray device for opioid overdoses

Like many medications, naloxone — the nasal spray that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose — comes in a flimsy box. The device that administers the medication is shaped like a cartoon spaceship and has to remain sealed in blister pack until use. It’s clunky to carry and can be sprayed…

Washington's Volcanoes Are Experiencing Seismic Tremors from an Unlikely Source: Glaciers

Most people think of seismic activity as the result of movement along faults or of violent volcanic eruptions. But seismic events can have other causes, including floods and even large…

WWU’s SEA Discovery Center Expands Computer Science Department Student Project Programs 2023-10-20
Trio of Western alums help keep Highline College’s MaST Aquarium afloat 2023-10-19
Buried Sea Discovery Could Explain Slow-Motion Earthquakes

Beneath the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of New Zealand, lies a sea's worth of water, locked within the Earth's crust. Researchers believe that this sunken reservoir may play an important role in dampening the strength of earthquakes in the Western Pacific.

We tend to think of…

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