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Studying Flags, Pins, Hope From 2008 Election

The flags of the United States of America and the Civil War-era Confederate Army have somewhat different symbolic associations. But recent research suggests exposure to the Stars and Stripes and the Confederate flag may have had the same effect on voters during the 2008 presidential election: A…

NWPRD2 hires new activity center manager

Rachel Ely found her perfect match. The energetic fitness enthusiast was recently named activity center manager for Northwest Park and Recreation District 2 (NWPRD2).

Many know Ely as the perky dynamo who motivates the bleary-eyed in the early-morning boot camp classes at Whatcom…

Two sides in liquor battle raise a staggering $34M

Costco has dumped a startling $22.5 million into the ballot proposal that would open liquor sales in Washington to big retailers, and the new record for donations to a single ballot campaign is getting some attention.

Foes of Initiative 1183 are using the big donations to say Costco is…

Costco Breaks Records With $22M To Privatize Liquor

The fight to privatize liquor sales in Washington just got a lot more expensive. Costco has dumped another $9 million into the Yes on Initiative 1183 campaign. That brings the wholesale giant's total spending to more than $22 million –- a state record for a ballot measure.

The Archaeology of One: Speaker's memoir explores layers of autism

Dawn Prince gets a physical rush when she drives through a tunnel, sees the lines of a tennis court and smells a tin of Band Aids. Looking at the color turquoise, she said, "I would feel turquoise shivers run up and down my spine and hear turquoise singing in my ears."


Retreat on funding carries real costs

As Washington looks toward the next special legislative session, higher education is again on the cutting block. It is likely that new cuts will be forthcoming absent new taxes. As a result, the cost to students to attend college will continue to rise.

A major…

Sultan photographer turned a tiger into a calendar cat

Jim Stiles took aim at Rakata, a male Sumatran tiger. He reacted in a flash when the shot looked perfect.

Rakata never knew what happened.

The tiger was shot alright, with a Canon camera.

Stiles, who…

In memoriam: Harley Hiller, 1927 - 2011
CIIA offers professional development opportunities fall quarter
Bellingham memorial included in book about Korean War veterans

A copy of "Lest We Forget," a recent publication of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of Korea, arrived last week. The book tells the stories of Korean War veterans from many countries who served in that conflict 60 years ago. I was honored and humbled to have the story of…

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