Welcome to Western Washington University! Join us for a tour of our beautiful campus located in Bellingham, Washington!

Mountain goats are in trouble in the Cascades, and WWU Professor of Environmental Science David Wallin and his students are involved in a joint federal and regional program to bring goats from the Olympics back to their natural range.

Western's Huxley College of the Environment turned 50 this spring, and celebrates its status as the oldest environmental science college in the nation. 

The sun sinks to the horizon a beautiful spring evening in Bellingham.

Western Associate Professor of Geology, Physics and Astronomy Melissa Rice works with undergrad and graduate students to support the Mars 2020 Rover mission.

Did you know that ATUS supports Western with a wide variety of technologies and services? Get timely updates and other technology tidbits through the video series: Just Two Minutes.

In Just Two Minutes, they will not only introduce you to new technologies, but show you how to get started. Each episode discusses three different topics in Just Two Minutes.

This episode focuses on the upgrades that Western's Network professionals have been furiously working on to make Western's network and internet services better than ever.

This month’s show is hosted by Chris Roselli of the WWU Alumni Association and Kevin Miller, a student at Western.   Following is the story lineup for this episode:

  1. Education Outdoors -- Students from Western’s Huxley College of the Environment host local middle-schoolers for a day of outdoor science and fun at the Gordon Carter Environmental Learning Center on Lake Whatcom, learning about everything from stream macroinvertebrates to the effects of fertilizer on the lake’s water quality.
  2. Taking Steps Toward Mental Wellness -- Western’s Building Resilience And Voicing Empathy (BRAVE) program aims to provide resources for those who struggle with depression and provide support for their friends and family.
  3. Learning to Clean Up -- SMOCS – the Science and Management of Contaminated Sites – is a series of classes at Western that takes students through the processes of cleaning up contaminated sites, from Bellingham’s waterfront to the Hanford Nuclear Site. Students learn the processes involved in cleanup and how planning along the way can prevent toxic waste from contaminating the ecosystem.
  4. Music in the Air -- Western alumnus Ryan Dudenbostel has returned to his alma mater to conduct the WWU Symphony Orchestra. Having travelled and performed around the world and being one of only a dozen Americans asked to compete in the internal conducting competition in Barcelona, what brought him back home?
  5. Robotics Under the Sea -- A WWU Extended Education program at Western’s Shannon Point Marine Center in Anacortes challenged middle-schoolers to build remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from scratch that can collect scientific data and explore the sea in new ways.

Jake Brunner found his way to Bellingham, Washington, from Huston, Texas, following his passion of creating jewelry.

Today, Jake is a part owner in the jewelry company Leaf and Badger. He's dedicated to creating fine, unique pieces, many of which include inspiration from the Pacific Northwest’s nature and wilderness.

Jake is hoping to attend Western Washington University this winter to continue expanding his education. 

Video by Beatrice Harper / WWU Communications and Marketing intern

What did it take to put together the first-ever Western Washington University Commencement at Civic Stadium?

Check out this 3-minute timelapse from ATUS Video Services.

The first episode of "Just Two Minutes" from Academic Technology and User Services at Western Washington University features a look at 3D printing technology, a new Canvas layout and the Digital Media Center.