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Geology’s Asmaa Boujibar gets new $300,000 NASA grant to research the building blocks of planet Mercury 2024-04-23
Projects build research capacity and pipeline for regional institutions

A collaboration between Los Alamos scientist Jianxin Zhu and Armin Rahmani, associate professor at Western Washington University, will explore the emergent properties and interaction of Majorana fermions using high-performance computing and noisy intermediate-scale quantum…

NASA MESSENGER mission data to measure chromium on Mercury

Co-author Asmaa Boujibar, of Western Washington University, who performed the modeling described in the paper, added: “Our model, based on laboratory experiments, confirms that the majority of chromium in Mercury is concentrated within its core. Due to the unique composition and…

Ask the dinosaurs: We aren’t ready for an asteroid ‘Big One’

It is essential that we support efforts by NASA and others to detect NEOs, characterize them and prepare for a rapid response if we need to deflect one. We in the Pacific Northwest are no more susceptible to an asteroid impact than anyone else — but we may be better suited to understand the…

CCNY-based team scripts breakthrough quantum algorithm

ity College of New York physicist Pouyan Ghaemi and his research team are claiming significant progress in using quantum computers to study and predict how the state of a large number of interacting quantum particles evolves over…

WWU Astronomy & Planetary Science professors share the science behind the new images from the James Webb Space Telescope 2022-07-21
Janelle Leger appointed to fixed term as dean of WWU College of Science and Engineering 2022-06-21
WWU's Spanel Planetarium to host 'To the Moon' on March 11 2022-03-03
WWU's Regina Barber joins NPR's 'Short Wave' as its first scientist-in-residence 2022-01-24
WWU's Melissa Rice co-publishes new article in 'Science' about the initial discoveries of the Mars Perseverance rover 2021-10-11
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