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Spy balloon triggers fascination, amazement, and one recurring question: What's going on with China? 2023-02-16
Nikki Haley has to navigate race and gender like few GOP presidential hopefuls

“In the Republican Party primary, the base tends to be more conservative, and we know that those voters tend to have gender and racial stereotypes that paint women candidates, and people of color, as more liberal,” said Catherine Wineinger, an expert on gender and politics at Western Washington…

Why Washington lost its early presidential primary bid

Last week, the rule-making arm of the Democratic National Committee approved a new draft plan for which states will vote first in 2024. Washington didn't make the cut.

That's likely because the Evergreen State is too politically left and too geographically west, Todd Donovan, a political…

Lifelong Spokanite Jacquelyn High-Edward gets high marks from peers as she replaces retiring Judge Maryann Moreno

Jacquelyn High-Edward has spent her legal career dedicated to ensuring equal access to justice, something she’ll be tasked with on a larger scale now that she is a Spokane County Superior Court judge.

High-Edward, 49, was appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee to fill the vacancy left by Judge…

On the Ballot: Moving King County elections to even years

This week the King County Council voted to change how we vote in King County.

Here’s a hint: they want election years to be divisible by two.

King County has approved a charter amendment that would move the generally non-partisan county elections from odd-numbered years to even-…

Restoring pandemic losses will require major changes in schools and classrooms, superintendents say

Though kids are learning this year, many have fallen even further behind grade level. Our new report—which draws from a national survey of school districts—reveals how good intentions have collided…

Rally, ‘teach-in’ planned as Whatcom residents react to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its second week, Bellingham-area residents are standing in solidarity with people of Slavic descent by demonstrating for peace, and scholars are helping make sense of the war.

To help Whatcom County residents understand the roots of the conflict…

This is how Whatcom residents’ ideas will help inform governor’s policing task force

The committee members advising Richey include Lewis, who also spoke at the Solidarity Rally, Ana Cecilia Lopez, who is an…

Quintin Oliver and Fiona MacMillan to Screen Films, Host Discussion on Peace in Northern Ireland March 4 at Western 2020-02-11
Most of WA’s members of Congress now support an impeachment inquiry

So what shifted for those Democrats in the past two weeks? Todd Donovan, a professor of political science at Western Washington University, said Trump’s continuing attacks against members of Congress of color likely played a role. On Saturday, Trump laid into…

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