Responding to the devastating events at Michigan State University

Dear WWU Community, 

As you likely know, the Michigan State University community is reeling from the devastating mass shooting last night on their campus in East Lansing. On behalf of our entire community, Western expresses our sincerest condolences to those impacted by this tragedy. 

Devastating situations like this are happening all too often around our country.  Monday's shooting is the 67th in 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive, an independent data collection organization. 

I can only begin to imagine the pain and heartache our MSU colleagues are experiencing. Members of our community may experience our own reactions stemming from this situation, particularly coming on the heels of an equally unsettling set of murders at the University of Idaho in November.  

Our Counseling & Wellness Center is staffed with experts who care and are available for students experiencing challenges and needing someone to talk with.  Faculty and staff at WWU are encouraged to consult with the Employee Assistance Program at

It is important to note that the WWU leadership team, university police, and Bellingham law enforcement agencies participated in a training in December to address active shooter situations. We are committed to these trainings throughout each academic year, and they will continue to play a role in helping to ensure the safety of our community.  

I strongly encourage everyone to register for Western’s RAVE Mobile Safety System. Doing so will ensure that you receive alerts and emergency notices via text message and email.  I also encourage you to download the free LiveSafe app which offers students and employees the ability to request help from local emergency services or university police, access campus resources and maps, and report suspicious activity or safety issues on campus – all within one app. 

Finally, I thank our public safety team and all of you, as well as community members and friends for the care, support, and commitment we share to help keep our campuses and communities safe. 

In sympathy and solidarity with our friends at Michigan State,  

Dr. Melynda Huskey

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

Western Washington University