Winter quarter: Campus Life

WWU Visual Journalism student Roisin Cowan-Kuist, an intern in the office of Communications and Marketing this quarter, will post her photographic insights into the student experience at WWU here each weekday.

Sophomore Nora Harren hangs a hammock on south campus to enjoy the sunny day with some friends on Tuesday, March 19.
Sophomore Torria Petrize stands in Red Square on Tuesday, March 19 giving hugs to those who may need a little extra encouragement during finals week. Petrize stood in Red Square giving out hugs for a full five hours the previous day.
sewing a costume takes time and patience
time to get the recycling!
Campus remains icy as Western reopens after a week of snowfall on Thursday, Feb. 14.
Sophomores Holly Valgardson and Emily Hinojosa utilize the quiet space and academic support of the Tutoring Center in Wilson Library to study for their Math 115 class.
Seniors Sophie Parody, Bianca Garza, Morgan Spargo and Shevidan Drew run a Valentine's Day bake sale in Academic West to raise money for the National Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSHLA) club on Thursday, Feb. 14.
Junior Raia Stamm and sophomore Parker Hirks run the Prevention and Wellness Center's Valentine's Day booth in Red Square on Thursday, Feb. 14. The booth provides students with free contraception, information and candy.
sunlight streams through the windows of a skybridge
a closeup of frost-covered blades of grass on the lawn in front of the Academic Instructional Center
sunlight streams through the trees lining the hilltop pathway to Fairhaven College
a student walks in front of the "For Handel" sculpture on a frost-covered plaza
sunlight shines through tree branches onto the frost-covered lawn next to the glass windows of the Carver building
furry friend
student works at a laptop in Academic West
throwing a pot in Fine Arts
A study nook found
Taping a comm project in red square
anatomy quiz