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Oscar-winning 'Spotlight' to be screened May 3 2016-04-29
Watt wins award for project helping students understand media law 2015-09-28
Watt selected to attend Scripps Leadership Institute 2015-07-28
Sunshine week celebrates Washington's right to open public records

Nearly fifty years ago a middle-school student and her friends set a major free speech case into motion by wearing a black armband to school to protest the Vietnam war.

They subsequently protested their suspension from school. And eventually won: In 1969 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in…

How to get a free Ivy League education online

Didn’t get into MIT? Student loans wouldn’t cover Yale? Was Stanford too far to commute? It’s never too late to get an Ivy League education—or take advantage of college courses at any number of universities from just about anywhere. And what’s even better: It’s often free. Universities…

Names for faculty attending commencement announced 2012-07-24
If You’re Not Networking, You’re Not Social

Social media isn't isolating us as we tap on our laptops, smartphones and tablets; rather, we're becoming "hypersocial" in our virtual, avatar-populated environment, suggests researcher and author S. Craig Watkins. Rather than gathering in, say, the bowling alleys that were…

Colton Harris-Moore gets ink because story is news

Shame on you.

We want to know he was caught, but that’s it.

This kid is just a spectacle used to sell more papers.

Those aren’t my words. They’re taken from reader comments posted Monday on…

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