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NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover mission serves as ultimate test for working from home (planet)

Perseverance is the third Mars rover for Melissa Rice, a planetary scientist at Western Washington University. And the fact that she’s based in Bellingham, Wash., more than 1,200 miles from Pasadena, means she’s had plenty of…

NASA’s big move to search for life on Mars – and to bring rocks home

This summer, NASA is taking the next giant leap in the search for signs of life beyond Earth.

On July 30, if the weather in Florida holds, NASA will launch its most sophisticated and ambitious spacecraft to Mars: the aptly named…

Nasa Mars rover: How Perseverance will hunt for signs of past life

A survey of the minerals in Jezero Crater by Dr Briony Horgan of Purdue University, Dr Melissa Rice of Western Washington University (both scientists on the mission) and colleagues, revealed carbonate deposits…

Vikings on Mars 2020-06-08
Visiting Perseverance During Its Final Week at JPL

In January 2020, my research team, composed of undergraduate and graduate physics and geology students from Western Washington University, experienced the opportunity of a lifetime. We traveled to Pasadena, California to meet other scientists…

Curiosity rover overcomes temporary freeze after ‘attitude adjustment’

"In the images from orbit, it looks like someone drew a thick straight line with a dark felt marker on the southeastern side of the butte," wrote Melissa Rice, planetary geologist at Western Washington University in a mission blog post. "From the ground, it looks like a shallow ditch filled with…

Seattle-Based First Mode Teams With NASA to Design Next-Gen Rover for a New Lunar Mission

In a related development, earlier this month First Mode and Western Washington University announced they had…

WWU wins NASA contract to build new instrument to help Mars rover scientists 2019-10-07
First Mode and Western Washington Univ. win NASA’s nod to make Mars geology tool

Seattle’s First Mode team and Western Washington University say they’ve won a NASA contract to advance the technology for sizing up rocks on Mars.

The project, funded under NASA’s Solar System…

WWU's Melissa Rice to Speak May 28 about Mapping Mars 2019-05-14
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