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Western's Ed Vajda publishes new book on the language links between Siberia and North America 2022-02-02
How 30 years of research built a language bridge between Siberia and the native peoples of North America 2020-01-09
Edward Vajda to Discuss Ket Language May 18 2016-05-10
Tracing ancient Asia-America migration in language

Kets are a living linguistic fossil. Several hundred strong and dwindling, they inhabit swampy, mosquito-infested areas along the Yenisei, a mighty central Siberian river whose bright-blue waters flow into the Arctic Ocean. Thousands of years ago, reindeer pastoralists and horse herders pressed…

Pause Is Seen in a Continent’s Peopling

Using a new method for exploring ancient relationships among languages, linguists have found evidence further illuminating the peopling of North America about 14,000 years ago. Their findings follow a recent proposal that the ancestors of Native Americans were marooned for some 15,000 years on a…

WWU linguistics professor delves into J.R.R. Tolkien's languages 2013-02-08
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