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AVP for Enrollment and Student Services and Director of Financial Aid Clara Capron to retire  2023-02-23
Viking Food Credits Help Students in Need 2017-03-07
Professor Farrokh Safavi Provides Student with Laptop in Recognition of Bruce & Cyndie Shepard 2016-08-10
WWU tops 10,000 freshman applications for the first time 2016-02-10
10 Student Loan Repayment Myths Debunked

"While research shows a correlation between degree attainment and higher incomes for individuals who earn a college degree, the economy, job markets and individual life circumstances are subject to change beyond students' control. So borrow mindfully, keep track of cumulative…

WWU Enrollment Shows Record Number of Freshman Students 2015-10-12
Employees to receive special awards April 29 2015-04-24
Exceptional effort awardees announced 2015-04-07
WWU receives highest-ever number of freshman applications 2015-03-30
8 Questions to Ask Before Borrowing a Private Student Loan

As financial aid packages roll in, students and parents may start wondering whether a private student loan could help them pay for college.
We had experts weigh in on the questions students -- and their parents -- should ask before taking on private debt.

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