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Larger Role for Congress Will Make This Negotiation Different Than CUFTA and NAFTA Talks

Speaking in Kenosha, Wisconsin in April, U.S. President Donald Trump scrambled expectations for the renegotiation of NAFTA when he…

The Need for Energetic Diplomacy

Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was an inspired choice for the job: she brings a keen understanding of the global economy and international trade to a portfolio that will require these skills in the near term. Trade relations between producers and consumers…

The case for a “mutual recognition” deal with the US

Maryscott Greenwood makes a characteristically strong and persuasive 

Canada Reaches Out to China

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left Ottawa on Monday for his first official visit to China. The trip is an important one for both governments, each eager for an improvement in bilateral relations. The United States, the largest economic and strategic partner…

Will the US and Canada start a trade war over lumber?

The annals of U.S. trade relations with Canada, our largest trading partner, include a recurring dispute over softwood lumber: the kind of pine boards used mainly in construction and home improvement, as well as for paper. And a new dispute is looming at a very awkward time for the United States…

Can Canadians innovate?

Quick: name an innovative firm headquartered in Canada.

Maybe you came up with BlackBerry. A decade ago, you might have thought of Corel, which owned WordPerfect. Twenty years ago, Nortel might have come to mind.

And therein lies Canada's problem. There is often one innovative…

Five Things to Watch as Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau Visits Washington

Less than six months after leading his Liberal Party to a decisive victory over Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, 44-year old Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Washington, D.C. for meetings and a formal State Dinner March 10 hosted by President Barack Obama. The visit will be more…

The New China Syndrome: Waiting for United States Climate Action While Pursuing Economic Growth

Will 2014 be remembered as the year that environmental policies of the world’s major economies began to adapt to seriously combat climate change? In the final weeks of last year, it seemed possible.

Has ISIS brutality shifted the political dynamics of terrorism?

This article's author, Christopher Sands, is senior research professor and director of the Center for Canadian Studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. He is also G. Robert Ross Distinguished Professor of…

What did Congress accomplish with Keystone vote?

Now that President Obama has vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline bill, the question is: What did this effort accomplish? Was it just a waste of everyone's time and energy?

In short, the answer is "no." All sides in the contentious debate over the extension of an existing oil…

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