WWU Sustainability program back in valley for an active summer

The third cohort of Western Washington University’s (WWU) Sustainability Pathways is engaged with 18 Methow Valley partner businesses and organizations, working to advance sustainability initiatives in the Methow and Okanogan valleys.

By applying their academic learning in paid practicum work experiences, the undergraduate students build professional skills toward eventual careers.

A fellowship program, Sustainability Pathways is place-based. And with the Methow Valley’s broad range of agencies, businesses, schools, organizations and farms, its engaged community, and its strong base of leaders and changemakers willing to mentor students, it’s an ideal place for the Sustainability Pathways program.

This “dynamic rural mountain community … offers amazing opportunities to learn, engage in community events and happenings, recreate, and participate in sustainability work,” a program description reads.

Sustainability Pathways Director Joshua Porter said that the 18 students in the cohort are learning to apply “systems thinking to community solutions” by working with organizations that are “committed to creating change that supports social justice, environmental quality, economic vitality and community health.”