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Two new certificate programs from the College of the Environment prepare students for careers in salmon recovery 2023-05-15
Faculty/Student Group Collaborations Kick Off Scholar's Week Tuesday, May 16 2023-05-15
Scholars Week 2023 set to launch May 15! 2023-05-10
One Quick Question: The Pebble Mine, salmon, and the future of Bristol Bay 2023-05-09
Study: New boating distance rule no cure-all for Southern Residents

New legislation, passed by the state Legislature earlier this month, requires boats and vessels in Puget Sound to maintain a 1,000-yard buffer between them and endangered Southern…

Why is some of our snow turning pink?

Why is snow turning pink?

"There's a group of algae that have adapted to live in the snow habitat," said Robin Kodner, the lead scientist for the Living Snow Project at Western Washington University. "But they only start to grow in…

Zero climate solutions without Gen Z

Young people have always been at the forefront of change, and society needs to prioritize nurturing them to become future environmental and sustainability innovators — across all fields. Doing this will require more than building their scientific and technological skills. We need to tend to…

CENV faculty have new research published on a variety of important topics 2023-04-19
Western’s new multidisciplinary Climate Change Minor open to all majors 2023-04-18
Scholars Week 2023 Accepting Showcase Submissions April 24-28 2023-04-17
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