WWU's Interdisciplinary Science Building Awarded LEED Gold Certification

Western’s Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB), which opened for instructional use in the Spring Quarter of 2022, has just been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification. The building earned points toward certification in a variety of categories, including sustainable sites, optimized energy performance, indoor environmental quality, material and resources use, and innovation.

The LEED rating system was created by the US Green Building Council and has become an industry standard for green building certification.

Site sustainability is supported through initial site assessment, protecting or restoring habitat, maintaining open space, managing rainwater, and reducing light pollution with dark night and low footcandle lighting. Indoor environmental quality improvements include low emitting materials, indoor air quality enhancements, assessment, and management plan, and the inclusion of natural light and quality views.

Innovations include use of all LED lighting fixtures, participation in green building education, establishing LEED standards for operation and maintenance, providing all-gender restrooms, and procurement of low carbon construction materials.

The ISB adds essential teaching labs and active learning classrooms to meet the growing need for STEM degree programs. The building features teaching labs for Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Marine and Coastal Science, along with flex lab spaces and active learning classrooms.