WWU Youth Programs to Again Host 'Grandparents U' This Summer

Western Washington University will again offer “Grandparents U,” an intergenerational program offering a variety of courses for grandparents and their grandchildren, in Bellingham and Anacortes this summer.

As part of the Bellingham program, students in grades 1-8 will partner with their grandparents to design computer programming, explore photography, learn drumming techniques from around the world, get involved in art, experience orchestra hands-on, build a language and become skilled with investments.

The program will be held July 6-7 on Western’s Bellingham campus and includes classes, a dining hall lunch, and optional activities, including swimming at the Wade King Rec Center and a show at the Spanel Planetarium. There is also an option for grandparent/grandchild pairs to get the full collegiate experience and stay the night in a residence hall and eat in the cafeteria.

Anacortes offers a course for grades 1-5 that will take place July 24-25, as well as a course for grades 5-8 that will take place July 26-27. Both courses focus on intertidal life.

Registration is currently open and available online at www.wwu.edu/grandparentsu. Western alumni, faculty and staff are eligible for discounts on selected programs.

For over three decades, students have been inspired to explore their educational and creative passions in a safe, lively college atmosphere. In addition to personal growth, Western Youth Programs encourages youth of all ages to consider higher education as a possibility for their own future.

For more information about Western Youth Programs, visit wwu.edu/youth or call (360) 650-3308 or youth@wwu.edu.