WWU unveils powerful platform to help students connect with alumni and launch their careers 

As WWU seniors prepare to enter the workforce, they will encounter a new and shifting professional landscape. When it comes to launching a career, making connections with and seeking guidance from seasoned professionals, has never been more important. Today, the university is announcing a new resource to support students through this process, beginning with seniors.  

The WWU Alumni Association and the Career Services Center have partnered to launch WE Connect, a networking site that connects Western students with Viking alumni in the workforce who can provide critical guidance. In light of the immediate need for professional and personal support as a result of the impacts of COVID-19, WE Connect is now available to Western alumni and seniors two months earlier than originally planned.  

WE Connect is a centralized, powerful networking tool that enables students to connect with alumni to explore mentoring, internship, and career advising opportunities. Discussion boards and affinity groups based on career or personal interests make it easy for members to form a strong sense of community no matter where they reside. In addition, alumni can create meaningful connections with peers throughout the world and provide much-needed professional development guidance and support to students via short- or long-term mentorships.  

“As a recent grad coming into such an uncertain market, it’s great to have WE Connect as a way to build relationships with alumni,” said Lili McMurtrey (’20) a spring graduate. “Since we can’t currently attend in-person networking events or informational interviews, this is such an awesome way to connect! Other professional networking sites can feel overwhelming, but WE Connect is limited to the WWU community, and it’s so much easier to find people to reach out to.” 

Beginning today, seniors can join WE Connect. Once they are logged in, students can create peer connections, join groups and discussions, seek guidance, and schedule informational interviews with alumni. Fully integrated with Zoom, the platform will allow for video conferencing as well.  

For students, job opportunities and internships will still be offered through the Career Services Center on Viking CareerLink. Next fall, all Western students will be invited to join WE Connect.  

If you are a senior or a WWU graduate and are ready to explore WE Connect, please join today at https://weconnect.wwu.edu/

For more information, please contact Jennifer Spoelstra, associate director of young alumni programs (Jennifer.Spoelstra@wwu.edu) or Effie Eisses, director of the Career Services Center (Effie.Eisses@wwu.edu).