WWU to launch new Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center

WWU’s Division of Enrollment & Student Services announces today the merger of its current Academic Advising Center and Student Outreach Services teams to create a new comprehensive Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center (AASAC).  This merger has been in the planning stages for quite some time and is being fully implemented over the summer in preparation for the arrival of students in September. 

AASAC’s mission is to engage, support and empower students to accomplish their goals and achieve success at Western and beyond. The center will continue to provide holistic advising and planning services to support degree completion, build on a strongly established peer mentoring program, grow intentional outreach efforts that support students with diverse identities and needs, and further our work as a nationally recognized First Gen Forward institution.  

“In visioning this new center, we bring together the best of what both departments do to support and retain our students and we strengthen our capacity to move towards a mandated advising model for first year students” said Sara Wilson, Executive Director of the Student Success Initiatives unit.

Wilson added, “A main priority for AASAC will be to further grow and deepen our relationships and collaborations with other key areas across the university. Those partnerships are critical to ensure that students full needs are being met and that they find a sense of belonging and community at Western.” 

Litav Langley, Assistant Vice President for Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Enrollment and Student services said, “Deliberate partnership between ADEI-focused student services and AASAC is critical to holistic student development and inclusive achievement. We are excited to grow our programming with AASAC and more consistently connect students with AASAC services right here in the Disability Access and Outreach Centers, Multicultural Center, and Black Student Coalition.” 

Effective September 1, Meagan Bryson, the current Assistant Director for the Academic Advising Center, will assume the role of Director of AASAC and a search will commence for an Associate Director. 

In addition, the new organizational structure is designed with two-tiers of staffing for the Academic/Career Advising team that provides for more advancement opportunities within the department and additional professional development and experience in leading projects and/or supervising other staff. 

For more information, visit the AASAC’s website at aasac.wwu.edu