Windows 11 upgrades for university-owned computers to begin Jan. 22

Windows 11 will begin downloading to university-owned computers the week of Jan. 22. Installation will begin during nightly maintenance windows. Computers that cannot support Windows 11 or those that have other client health issues (e.g., hard drives with inadequate space) will not upgrade.

Since its release in 2021, more than 2,800 university computers have adopted this upgrade. New computer installations for the last year have all been delivered with Windows 11 installed and all general university classroom computers and computer lab computers have Windows 11 installed. Many departmental computer labs are also running Windows 11.

Most of the upgrades will occur in the background. It should only require a reboot or two and then a user login.

Please note that users of shared computers (e.g., multiple NTT or student employees) are strongly encouraged to store data to a cloud location like SharePoint or OneDrive prior to the upgrade. Any data stored locally on a computer’s hard drive is now being synced to the OneDrive of the account logged in to the computer.

See the Desktop Experience Changes in Windows 11 on the Help Desk website for more information.