Western's Palliative Care Institute raising awareness around chronic kidney disease

WWU's Palliative Care Institute is collaborating with community partners to educate the public about chronic diseases and how to best support those affected, and PCI and the Mount Baker Foundation are now partnering to raise awareness about chronic kidney disease (CKD) in conjunction with the month of March, which is National Kidney Month.

CKD is called the silent epidemic -- most people are unaware they have it because it rarely shows symptoms until it is at an advanced stage. One in three of us is at risk for CKD.  Are YOU the one?  In addition, having kidney disease increases your risk of developing life-threatening complications from COVID-19.

Take one minute to check your risk for kidney disease at www.minuteforyourkidneys.org; for more details on this initiative, visit mtbakerfoundation.org  and pci.wwu.edu.