Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment to Offer New Summer Program in Poulsbo

Western Washington University's Huxley College of the Environment will offer an introductory program on Bayesian networks and ecological risk assessment this summer at the Poulsbo SEA Discovery Center.

Program participants will gain an understanding of the basics of incorporating Bayesian networks into the relative risk model network and utilizing software to build Bayesian networks. Students will study examples of the use of the approach including clean-up of contaminated sites, invasive species, natural resource management, the estimation of pesticide risks to population, and adaptive management.

Course dates are Aug. 13-17 at the SEA Discovery Center. The course will be taught by instructor Wayne Landis, WWU professor of Environmental Science and director of the university’s Institute of Environmental Toxicology.

Professionals and advanced students are welcome to register for the course. Participants have the option to earn two university credits.

Bayesian networks are increasingly used in ecological risk and assessment and in environmental management. The use of Bayesian networks and influence diagrams have been applied to sites as varied as the South River, the Puget Sound, and sites in Australia and Africa.

Learn more about the program at https://ee.wwu.edu/bayesian and the program director at https://ee.wwu.edu/users/wayne-landis.