Western student to represent New York City in international design competition

Western Washington University student Anelese Webster, pursuing a bachelor of fine arts degree in design, was one of 100 participants in the Portfolio Night 12 event hosted by HUGE in Brooklyn, N.Y., on May 21.

Nominated as the all-star at the New York event, Webster will represent New York City in the up-coming team design competition, sponsored by the Art Directors Club, to be held in August.

Portfolio Night All-Stars brings the person with the very best book in each Portfolio Night location from around the world to New York for a week-long challenge. The Portfolio Night competition cities include Athens, Beijing, Beirut, Budapest, Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, Montréal, Mumbai, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto and, in the United States, Austin, Boston, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco.

In the 2013 competition, the 24 All Stars were divided into six teams to create and present advertising solutions for the Ford Focus.