Western Student Kevin Miller’s Song is in the Movie ‘Almost Christmas’

Western Washington University senior Kevin Miller can’t wait to see the new movie “Almost Christmas” because the major feature film opening Nov. 11 includes a song he wrote and sings.

The song, titled “I’m the Man,” will be part of  “Almost Christmas,” a movie that tells the festive story of a beloved patriarch (actor Danny Glover) who asks his family for one gift this holiday season: to get along. The movie also stars Gabrielle Union, Mo’Nique, J.B. Smoove, Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps and Jessie T. Usher.

"I am very excited to take my mom and brother to the movie theater and scream when my voice pops up on the big screen!” Miller said. “I always wanted to make music for my favorite movies and TV shows. I can't wait for what's next. This is only the beginning!"

Miller, a Communication Studies major at Western from Bothell, said the song produced by fellow producer Augustine is about him acknowledging his journey becoming a man, with some comedic elements.

Here are some lyrics:

“Okay it's nothing new to me I'll tell you once again

I was 15 boy I was the man 

I been being me since all I know is me 

Y'all be acting dumb, acting phony

Who you trying to fool you ain't you 

I been doing me since preschool 

I been staying true to who I am” 

Miller, who has been making his own music since he was 11, is a producer, songwriter and branding consultant. He founded All Approach, his own entertainment company that specializes in brand development, graphic design and music production. Check out his website AllApproach.com to learn more about Miller. He also has been a co-host of the Western Window TV show.