Western’s women's rugby team victorious in national 7's championship

The Western Washington University women's rugby team has emerged triumphant in the National 7's Championship, showcasing exceptional talent, dedication, and teamwork throughout the tournament.

In a thrilling display of skill and resilience, WWU clinched the championship title, solidifying their status as one of the nation's top rugby programs. Facing fierce competition from universities across the country, WWU demonstrated unwavering determination and skill on the field, ultimately emerging as the champions against Colorado State.

WWU displayed exceptional skill, strategic brilliance, and firm dedication to be undefeated throughout the tournament. Their victories not only highlight their individual talents but also emphasize the strength of unity within the team.

“It was our first 7s tournament of the year, so we didn't really go in with any real high expectations for the team. We were just like, this is a really cool opportunity and we kind of want to just go and have fun and see what the team can do,” said coach Kaylie Gladwell.

Coach Charlie Ronan then added, “So to be able for them to turn around and then just show up and show out within a week and a half is insanely impressive.”

The journey to the championship was marked by intense competition, with each match demanding the utmost skill and determination from the players. Despite the challenges they faced, WWU remained steadfast in their pursuit of victory, showcasing resilience and perseverance in every game.

“I don’t think we could have done it without every single player on our team, even the ones that were still here in Bellingham that were just supporting us from a distance,” said Sydney Copeland, co-captain of the team.

WWU's triumph in the National 7's Championship celebrates their exceptional athletic ability and excellence. As they bask in the glory of their victory, WWU looks forward to continuing their legacy of success and inspiring future generations of rugby players.

Co-captain Louisa Keating said, “I think this is a legacy year for sure. And in terms of how far we've gone in 15s and in 7s, it sets a new foundation for the program going forward. I’m grateful for our coaches and how much our team shows up for each other day in and day out.”


Game 1 – WWU vs. Cal Poly 5-0

Game 2 – WWU vs. UC Irvine 41-0

Game 3 – WWU vs. CO Mesa 22-12

Game 4 – WWU vs. Air Force 19-15

Game 5 – WWU vs. CO State 12-7



#5 Abbi Triou

#21 Aven Webb

#9 Brooklyn Murkerson

#11 Carly Mattson

#22 Gabby Wright

#6 Lily Airey

#14 Louisa Keating

#8 Molly Cricchio

#19 Saylah Commerton

#18 Shalame Mercado

#12 Sof Trujillo

#10 Sydney Copeland