Western’s Counseling Center to Host Carlos Andrés Gómez Nov.16

November 3, 2016

Western Washington University’s Counseling Center is partnering with the Men’s Resiliency Committee and LGBT Advocacy Council to host Carlos Andrés Gómez for his presentation entitled “Reimagining Modern Manhood” at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov.16 in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room.

Gómez is a featured White House special event performer and author of “Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Masculinity.”

Gómez will also lead a workshop, “Gender: Beyond Binaries and Stereotypes” at 5 p.m. in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room, before he delivers his keynote lecture.

Gómez will lead the workshop through an examination of socialized gender norms, stereotypes, and the impact rigid gender binaries have on all of people, regardless of where they identify on the gender spectrum. The session will be rooted in empathetic discourse and personal narrative as a means of challenging patriarchy, sexism, heterosexism, and transphobia with the hope of opening participants’ minds and hearts to the varied possibilities of how gender can be embraced. 

Both events are free and open to the public. To register for the workshop, visit http://training.wwu.edu/classes/classdetail.aspx?id=29563.

For more information, contact Ian Vincent, Western Washington University Counseling Center, at (360) 650-2127 or Ian.Vincent@wwu.edu.