Western’s accreditation self-study ready for review

Western’s draft “Year-Three” accreditation self-study is now available for campus review.

As part of its accreditation responsibilities, the university must demonstrate that it meets rigorous regional and federal standards. Evidence of compliance with accreditation standards is presented in self-study reports. The current self-study addresses the university’s resources and capacity and is available at the university’s accreditation site.

More than 50 faculty and staff contributed to the self-study report, which will provide the basis for an external evaluation by NWCCU evaluators March 19 to 21.

The “Year-Three” self-study is preparatory to the university’s comprehensive evaluation in 2017. The comprehensive evaluation includes an assessment of the institution’s success in fulfilling its core themes. Western’s core themes are drawn from its strategic plan and are as follows:

  • Serve the state of Washington by expanding student access
  • Foster student success
  • Strengthen communities beyond the campus

As part of the March evaluation, Western personnel may receive phone calls from the accreditation evaluators, who will be looking for additional information and/or further evidence that Western fulfills its mission.

Questions or feedback on the report may be addressed to Steven.VanderStaay@wwu.edu or shared via the Viking Village forum established for discussion of the report.