Western Libraries to Launch New Website Sept. 6

Western Libraries is updating its website and on Sept. 6 will launch a new one that is more accessible and consistent with the user experience of other WWU websites.

Western Libraries is one of the last remaining WWU sites to migrate to the new design, which WebTech developed in order to help Western advance the shared goal of better integrating and ensuring web accessibility. The migration to the new design will enable library personnel to utilize components intended to improve web accessibility that are built into Western's themes, and adopt accessibility as an integral step of content development. While OneSearch will remain prominent on the Libraries’ main homepage, the new library site will utilize streamlined menus for easier navigation, and also have improved mobile presentation.

Please note some of the library’s interior and subject specific pages are migrating to pages with new URLs, so you may need to update some of your saved bookmarks once the new library website is live.

This is only the first step in an on-going re-design process, and the library website will continue to evolve over the next year and beyond as regular and ongoing improvements are made.

If you have questions about this project or need additional information, please contact  petersa@wwu.edu