Western chooses Panopto as its recommended media management and captioning tool

Thanks to a partnership between the Disability Access Center and Academic Technology & User Services, Western is fully supporting Panopto as the recommended media management and captioning tool.  Panopto is an easy-to-use, centralized media/video management application that is integrated directly in Canvas courses to provide video recording, editing, automated video captioning, streaming playback, and interactive quizzing.

More than 70 faculty and staff at Western participated in a pilot test of Panopto during the fall 2020 quarter.  Feedback and survey results were very favorable.

“Using Panopto has allowed me to increase my students’ engagement with my asynchronous material,” said Katie Rupe, assistant professor of Mathematics Education at Western.  “In recorded mini-lectures, I am able to embed discussions and get feedback from students about the questions they have, the ways they are thinking about math problems, and the strategies that they are using. It creates more opportunities for me to get to know my students, their strengths, and the areas that they need more support.”

For more information about Panopto, please see "Western supports Panopto for video" at  https://atus.wwu.edu/western-supports-panopto-video.