WebTech Monthly News – April 2022

May and June Drupal Training Sessions Available

Are you new to editing a Drupal site? Or are you a current Drupal user that wants to improve your editing game? There are Beginning Drupal training sessions in May and June:

  • Wednesday May 25, 2 - 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday, June 7, 9 - 11 a.m.
  • Wednesday June 8, 9 - 11 a.m.

Learn more and reserve your spot at the Beginning Drupal training page.

Drupal Updates

Module Updates:

  • Editoria11y
  • Feeds
  • Field group
  • Smart Date
  • Views Bulk Operations
  • Drupal Core

New Modules:

  • Block Region Permissions
  • Block Usage Report
  • Layout Builder Usage Reports

Drupal Theme Updates

  • Minor style fixes for table and org chart 
  • <wwu-footer> custom element created
  • Quicksearch block removed from theme
  • Accessibility fixes for Ultimenu and taxonomy term styles
  • Layout template fix for institutional homepage
  • Dark mode CSS fix for cards
  • Accordion fix for views
  • Views filter accessibility fix

Find out more on the Ashlar Changelog.

WordPress: Updates from CampusPress

New Plugins:

There were no new plugins added to the WordPress platform during April.

Review the CampusPress Changelog for specific details on plugin updates.

Drupal Site Building Tips

Using Custom Blocks to Save Time and Reduce Errors

Sometimes you want a piece of important content to display on more than one page of your website. During the pandemic, we used custom blocks to place time-sensitive announcements containing important information on certain pages throughout a website. As the information about COVID changed, we were rapidly able to edit the content once, and the changes were reflected everywhere the block was placed - without the intensive labor involved to update each block, nor needing to locate every page where the blocks were placed. Using custom blocks to create once and publish everywhere is both a time saver and helps to ensure accuracy across your site.

Learn how to use and place custom blocks.