Viking Supported Agriculture (VSA) program returns for 2024

The Sustainability Engagement Institute continues to facilitate its Viking Supported Agriculture (VSA) program that connects the campus community to local food producers who deliver boxes of their fresh, organic, high quality  items directly to our office in High Street Hall.

You can learn more about the benefits of connecting to farmers and food producers in this way at  

Getting healthy food to people and supporting local and sustainable agriculture is a highly supportive activity that each one of us may be able to take part in for our own health, the health of the planet, and the greater good of our community.  Please visit our website for more information on the VSA program:

We are excited to welcome Viva Farms back for the 2024 summer season. Please visit their website to sign up directly. Deliveries begin on June 12, and continue weekly through Nov. 20. If you sign up before March 15 and use code EARLY2024 you will receive a 3% discount off a standard priced box. Please share this opportunity with our students as Viva Farms also has sliding scale and EBT pricing. In honor of National CSA Week, until March 31, you can enter to win $300 towards a CSA subscription here:

If you have WWU specific questions, please reach out to

Thank you for your interest in healthy, sustainable food, and for supporting our local producers!

Donate A Share:
Food security continues to be challenging for our many community members.  We have set up a dedicated fund to receive your donations to help pay for fresh produce for students in need.  You may donate here:  

To date, $1,719.00 has been donated by the campus community, supplying the equivalent of 140 weeks of fresh produce for our community members experiencing food insecurity. This food has gone directly to pop-up and campus pantries where it is most accessible. Please consider a donation today and thank you for your continued generosity!

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