Upcoming Internal Grant Application Deadlines for Faculty from RSP

Refer to the RSP website for additional information, proposal guidelines, and application forms.  

The deadlines listed below are for the dates that applications (eSign forms) with attached proposal materials are due to RSP (applications are formally submitted on your behalf by your dean). Please work with your department chair and dean to make sure all materials are received by RSP on or before the deadlines.  


Pilot Project Grants  

Proposals due to chairs: May 13, 2024 

The goal of this program is to help seed projects with potential to open new long-term directions for research, creative expression, or scholarship at Western Washington University. Please refer to the RSP website for additional information on these grants and helpful information on writing the requests before your submission. Up to $5,000 per project may be proposed.  


Mini Grants 

Proposals accepted anytime 

This program provides up to $1,000 to engage in projects that advance the recipient’s professional development and field of research, scholarly or creative work. Funds may be used for supplies, equipment, research-related travel, performances, exhibitions, displays and similar creative activities, as well as other necessary expenses. 


Manuscript Preparation Grants 

Proposals accepted anytime 

This program provides up to $2,200 to assist with manuscript preparation and publication. Allowable costs include indexing, licensing fees for copyrighted materials, page charges, open-access fees, and figure preparation. Professional editing costs for books (but not journal papers) is also supported. 


New Initiative Grants 

Proposals accepted anytime 

The New Initiatives Fund (NIF) provides up to $10,000 to support efforts at securing external funding for new cross-cutting initiatives.   For more information, please see the Request for Proposals guidelines. 


Fraser Endowment for Equipment for the Sciences  
Proposals accepted anytime 
The Fraser Endowment for Equipment for the Sciences supports the acquisition of multi-user capital instrumentation. Such equipment is typically housed in a University-wide facility, makes significant contributions to research or teaching in multiple departments and colleges, and has a high acquisition cost. Closely related instrumentation essential for supporting capital equipment, such as that used for sample preparation and site preparation costs may also be considered for support. Scientific computing infrastructure is also scientific equipment. The endowment is not expected to fund ongoing operational, staffing or maintenance costs and is managed with a goal of augmenting, rather than substituting for external funds. Priority will be given to matching or leveraging Federal, State, or private funds. For details, please see the Request for Proposals.