University Police increasing enforcement of walk zones on WWU campus

With the updated bicycling and skateboarding rules now in place, University Police are ramping up their enforcement in an attempt to ensure the safety of pedestrians in heavily traveled areas of campus.

For the remainder of spring quarter, officers will be contacting riders in the walk zone locations to inform them of the new rules and to ask that they exercise safe and courteous operation. If voluntary compliance with the revised regulations doesn't improve, the university will consider adopting a ban of bicycles and boards on campus paths and walkways to protect pedestrian traffic.

Officers may cite flagrant operators who violate the walk zone regulations or other parts of the code. The specifically designated walk zones are Red Square, Vendor's Row and the plaza between the Engineering Technology Building and the north side of Carver Gym. The hours of enforcement are 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. during the academic year.

The code states that bicyclists and skateboarders outside the walk zones must observe a maximum speed limit of 3 miles per hour when sharing a path with pedestrians and 7 mph at all other times on campus.

"You definitely need to be cautious if there are people around," said University Police chief Randy Stegmeier.

According to the university’s rates and fees brochure, fines may be given for failure to use due care and caution, failure to stay in control, failure to obey the dismount policy, failure to yield right of way to pedestrians and riding on lawns or other restricted areas.

Citations carry a fine of $15 for first-time offenders to $60 for repeat violators.


A map of the bike routes on campus, including the designated walk zones (in pink).