Twitter recap of Western preview 2013



Western Preview 2013

Designed to give admitted students and their families a taste of the Western experience, Western Preview offers opportunities to attend academic info sessions, special interest sessions, go on a campus tour and meet with faculty and current Western students.

  1. Who's coming to @wwuadmit's #WesternPreview this weekend? Saturday's going to be an exciting day on campus.
  2. I'm still awake when I need to be up at 5:30... but get to tour my future home so I don't care #WesternPreview
  3. We're so glad you're here! #WesternPreview RT“@JohannaKraemer: So excited to be visiting my future home for like the billionth time #WWU
  4. After check-in at 8 a.m., admissions representatives took admitted freshmen and their families on tours of campus. Campus, as always, did not fail to impress.
  5. Walked into the Ridge cluster and instantly fell in love. #WesternPreview
  6. After touring the campus, students and their families gathered in Carver Gym for the opening assembly.
  7. Looking around the room and totally catching someone's dad sleeping!! #westernpreview
  8. Admitted freshmen had the chance to envision themselves one day graduating from Western (with a hug from Western's mascot, of course).
  9. A HUGE welcome to everyone here for #WesternPreview! Remember to get your photo taken with Victor E. Viking. We'll make a gallery of images.
  10. Students also attended lectures and workshops in their areas of interest throughout the day.
  11. The Associated Students bookstore had a busy day, as visitors didn't want to leave empty-handed.
  12. Went to the Biology seminar, got a new WWU sweatshirt, and now off to the pre-med seminar. Pretty successful day so far #WesternPreview
  13. Just bought a lanyard, sweatshirt, and two shirts at Western #westernpreview #nobigdeal
  15. Western Preview is a huge undertaking, and there's no way we could have pulled this off without help from our students.
  16. Even though I'm already a student here, working at #WesternPreview today made me rediscover the amazement of being a part of @WWU.
  17. Glad the rain held off until now… otherwise I would have had a wet time at #westernpreview
  18. Helping work some journalism info sessions this morning for #WesternPreview @WWU Can't wait to tell others how great my time here's been!
  19. Had a blast helping out at #WesternPreview! And so excited for all the new students planning to attend next year #WWU
  20. Had a blast working #WesternPreview today! These future Vikings are #clutch, ya'll. Can't wait for next year!
  21. Sad I missed #westernpreview today :( I wanted to high five some cool parents and see the embarrassment on the faces of their kids. @WWU
  22. So, what did everyone think?
  23. Had an awesome day at my future school! #WesternPreview #WWU @ Western Washington University
  24. I just want to go to college now. SOS help :( #WesternPreview
  25. Had so much fun at #westernpreview But until next time, WWU! See you this fall! :)
  26. Loved Western Preview today :) I'm so excited to be a student next fall! :) #WesternPreview @WWU #govikings
  27. #WesternPreview was awesome. Meet some really great people and got hella pumped to go there next year! :D #wwu #western
  28. #WesternPreview was fantastic. More in love with @wwu than ever. Not so in love with how sore my feet are.
  29. I'm so excited for Western and my future roommate is so cool! #WesternPreview
  30. #WesternPreview gave me the last push I needed in making my decision about next year, and I'm excited to say I'm going to be a Viking!
  31. Going to #WesternPreview made me so much more excited for college.
  32. #WesternPreview just confirmed my outlandish excitement for this September to get here already. @WWU
  33. Ok, that's it, I am officially in love with Western. ❤ #WWU #WesternPreview
  34. Loved Western Preview today :) I'm so excited to be a student next fall! :) #WesternPreview @WWU #govikings
  35. As a former CWU Wildcat, it pains me to say... I'm genuinely excited for my lil' bro to go to @WWU next fall. #westernpreview
  36. So excited to get to know our newest Vikings! Congrats to all who enrolled today. See you in the fall! #WesternPreview #WWU
  37. Finally, a few words of wisdom from the WWU Admissions Office: