Tree replacement and stormwater management project near Birnam Wood to begin July 3

Construction work has begun to restore the western portion of the parking lot at the Birnam Wood Apartments on the Western Washington University campus. In accordance with the city’s stormwater runoff management guidelines, the contractor will install a large stormwater detention vault in front of Stack 4, along with an ADA-compliant ramp up the hill to the accessible apartments.  

To install the required systems, the contractor will need to remove several mature trees along Bill McDonald Parkway. An additional ten trees along the hillside adjacent to the parking lot must also be removed to avoid future damage to the property. Tree removal will begin July 3 and will continue into the week of July 8. Please exercise caution around the construction zone. 

Western will be working with the city, our arborist and grounds specialists on tree replacement plans once construction work has been completed. Western’s arborist and grounds specialists will choose appropriate tree species and locations to provide a diverse range of habitats and seasonal interests.