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Neither Plants nor Animals, These Ocean Organisms Protect Their Ecosystems against Heat Waves

The new study, published recently in Aquatic Microbial Ecology, found that mixotrophic species made up a larger percentage of the plankton in the Gulf of Alaska during two major heat waves (from 2014 to 2016 and in 2019) than in years with…

Trio of Western alums help keep Highline College’s MaST Aquarium afloat 2023-10-19
WWU grad student (now alumna) Jackelyn Garcia named the 2023 Washington Sea Grant Keystone fellow 2023-06-22
Deadline for this year's MACS cohort is Jan. 15 2023-01-10
Researchers find potentially harmful level of pollutants in edible seaweed

The plentiful seaweed off the shores of Fidalgo and other surrounding islands has concentrated contaminants, according to a study published recently by a team at Western Washington University.

It's the same seaweed that is often eaten by area tribal members and kayakers looking for a…

Skagit County sites included in Salish Sea seaweed toxicity study

The toxicity levels of seaweed at two Skagit County sites were included in a Salish Sea study done by Western Washington University researchers

The study, published in the scientific journal PLoS One on Sept. 23, looked at three species of edible seaweed at 43 Salish…

Study raises concerns about contaminants in edible seaweeds

A new study just published by researchers at Western Washington University (WWU) reports concentrations of up to 162 chemical contaminants in three species of edible seaweeds gathered in the Salish Sea.

WWU researchers find potentially harmful levels of pollutants in the Salish Sea’s edible seaweeds 2022-09-26
On the Water with the Pinto Abalone Team

Saving endangered Pinto abalone is hard in part because locating their habitat is time-consuming and, as a result, expensive. The process involves dive crews on the water in search of suitable locations, but there are only so many dives a team can do in a day. A recent SeaDoc-funded project is…

Research Recap for Oct. 29: Ecological work in the Gulf of Alaska, the geology of the North Olympic Fault zone, and more 2021-10-29
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