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WWU’s Anna Lees talks Indigenous community driven research with a packed house for Native American Heritage Month 2022-11-09
SURP’s Up: Worms, pond scum and fruit flies make for interesting summer research 2022-10-13
We Throw Pool Parties for Salmon - Make Waves 2020-06-09
Return of the Goats 2020-06-09
WWU's Huxley College of the Environment turns 50 2020-06-09
As glaciers melt, tourism dries up in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca

Meltwater from fast-disappearing glaciers also is eating into newly exposed rock in the Cordillera Blanca mountains, turning the water rushing downstream acidic – sometimes as much as lemon juice, making it undrinkable, said John All, a climate researcher and director of the Mountain…

Finding Fault(s): Geologists Keep Finding More Nearby Earthquake Makers

Shallow, active earthquake faults are being discovered all over Oregon and Washington state. Collectively, these may present a higher risk than the better known offshore Cascadia subduction zone.

There's a line on a map for an active earthquake fault running through the forested…

WWU Chemistry Professor Robert Berger Receives Cottrell Scholar Award 2017-05-31
WWU faculty explore the pitfalls - and incredible potential - of genetic editing 2017-01-23
Western Researchers Awarded $309,000 Grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to Study the Impact of Energy Efficiency on Housing Prices 2017-01-13
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