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A Turning Point for Global Trade

International trade has shaped the world for much of the past century. Countries benefited from the global flow of goods, and the world became richer and safer. At the same time, many Americans lost their jobs to cheaper overseas competitors. Now, a series of compounding challenges, including…

Better approaches to being an ally at work

Some three-quarters of workers say they’ve felt excluded at work, according to new global EY …

Men Think They Are Strong Workplace Allies. Women Disagree

Headlines about workplace sexism regularly bring us men sharing social media posts and retweets with hashtags like #GenderEquality. Yet, many of their female colleagues read those…

The Mental & Physical Health Benefits and Shortcomings of Moving to a Smaller Metro

The latest RentCafe year-end report on the evolution of the rental market in 2021 revealed that renters are…

The West thought money could tame dictators. Has Putin proved it can’t?

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and other Western powers have pursued a noble idea — that by tying themselves economically to their rivals, they might escape the dismal cycle of great-power conflicts. In that spirit, Germany encouraged gas and oil imports from Russia over the…

2021's Happiest States in America

Features WWU Associate Professor of Management Meg Warren.

Research shows surprising benefits for men when they fight sexism at work

Women and groups advocating for gender equality are…

Western's Meg Warren publishes new article in The Conversation 2021-07-21
WWU Associate Vice President Brian Burton to Retire in 2022 2021-07-19
Discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion with WWU's Meg Warren

Podcast: KGMI host Meg Weber is joined by Meg Warren, Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business and Economics at WWU to talk about diversity, equity and inclusion

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