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Actually, putting your hands on your knees Is the best recovery position

A faster workout recovery is a good indicator of overall fitness level and is essential for improving performance, whether it’s lifting more, running faster, or building endurance. And for years, the advice has been to recover from a high-intensity workout by holding your hands above your heads…

NWPRD2 hires new activity center manager

Rachel Ely found her perfect match. The energetic fitness enthusiast was recently named activity center manager for Northwest Park and Recreation District 2 (NWPRD2).

Many know Ely as the perky dynamo who motivates the bleary-eyed in the early-morning boot camp classes at Whatcom…

COMMUNITY SPORTS: Martin honored for handball excellence

Fourteen national handball titles and six world four-wall championships could not prevent LeaAnn Martin from feeling some unexpected butterflies.

But, like a quarterback whose pre-game nervousness vanishes with that first pass, her butterflies began to disappear with her first words…

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