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Bellis Fair’s ‘Canada discount’ works for Whatcom residents, too

It’s a sale to attract Canadian shoppers into Whatcom County for the holiday weekend, but local shoppers will be able to get in on the savings as well.

Participating stores at Bellis Fair are having an At Par Sale Friday, May 20, through Monday, May 23 for the Canadian Victoria Day…

Online sales slow in Whatcom border towns as loonie falters

It’s clear fewer British Columbia residents are shopping at Whatcom County stores since the Canadian currency has weakened, but it appears they also have cut back on having online products shipped here.

What’s next for cross-border spending in Whatcom and Canada

It’s Canada’s turn to host the cross-border shopper, but it may not be at the level of spending seen in the U.S. when the loonie was strong.

That’s one conclusion from TD Economics, a Canadian firm that released a report about cross-border spending on Monday, Feb. 8. The report indicates…

Border towns enjoy bonanza: packages, tax revenue pile up

The Lone Jack Saloon was once among the many taverns in a border town that catered heavily to Canadian carousing.

The stage where cancan girls used to dance is still there, adorned with a painting of a miner panning for gold. But the floor now serves as the warehouse for Ship Happens, the…

Border traffic into Whatcom County continues to slow

Southbound border traffic into Whatcom County continues to slow down.

In February, a total of 935,147 passengers crossed the five border crossings into Whatcom County, the lowest monthly total in more than three years, according to data compiled by Western…

Low loonie drives drop in visits to Whatcom County

The number of Canadians crossing over the line continues to plummet.

Last month, a little over 900,000 people from BC made their way into Whatcom County in Washington State, the lowest monthly total in more than three years according to new stats from Western Washington University.

New U.S., Canada border deal geared to improving traffic flow

A new preclearance agreement between the U.S. and Canada could make it easier for private companies to move people across the border.

The agreement, signed Monday, March 16, by U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, would allow…

Rep. DelBene gets feedback on commerce coming through Whatcom’s border with Canada

When it comes to commerce flowing through the northern border between Canada and Whatcom County, the big problems have been addressed and now more work needs to be done on smaller issues.

Canada, Seattle’s neighbor to the north? Nope, better check your map

A CENTURY AGO, during America’s expansionist heyday, no one ever saw author and “Manifest Destiny” cheerleader Horace Greeley point across the sweeping expanse of America and urge his eager charges: “Go north, young man!”

Yet, many of us did. And to this day, most…

Canadian dollar plummets after months of losing value

The Canadian dollar lost five cents in value compared to the U.S. dollar in one day last month.
It dropped on Jan. 21 after the Bank of Canada lowered its benchmark overnight interest rate from 1 percent to 0.75 percent. The benchmark rate determines bank lending rates, and lowering it is…

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