The College of the Environment's Michael Medler gives presentation in Stockholm

WWU Professor of Environmental Studies Michael Medler traveled to the Engelsberg Ironworks, north of Stockholm, Sweden, on May 11 to deliver a presentation about his hypothesis regarding the role of volcanic thermal features and human evolution. The essence of this hypothesis is that volcanic thermal features associated with the African Rift provided the heat necessary for our hominin ancestors to begin cooking their food about two million years ago. This change supplied new dietary energy and supported a large expansion in our brain size allowing Homo erectus to develop the control of fire necessary to expand into colder regions of the globe. 

Medler was invited and sponsored by The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation, to visit Sweden and lecture about his hypothesis at a seminar entitled “From Prometheus to Nuclear Power.” The seminar was filmed and will be aired on the Foundation’s Publishing and digital distribution channels.

The seminar also speakers such as the President of the Swedish Astronomical Society and several prominent British historians.

Michael Medler visiting active lava flows in Hawaii to evaluate the possibility of cooking food in the area around these flows, a central part of his hypothesis.