Teaching-Learning Academy Dialogues Begin Oct. 16 

What skills are necessary for us to be successful in society?  When is it appropriate to ask for help? What circumstances discourage us from seeking support?  Join students, faculty, staff, and community members as they consider questions like these during fall 2019 Teaching-Learning Academy (TLA) dialogue sessions.  

The TLA meets on campus for three different sessions this quarter, continuing the new dialogue format adopted last year with a different question as the focus of each session. This quarter there will also be a co-hosted TLA event offered in partnership with the Western Gallery.  

TLA participants include students, faculty, staff, and community members, and everyone is welcome. Participants consistently report that the TLA dialogue sessions provide a great way to connect with others outside of their disciplines and departments, and to learn more about Western’s teaching and learning culture. Many say it also gives them a chance to take a breath and just listen to what others, especially students, really think.  

The TLA’s primary objective is to create a community of scholars who work together to enhance teaching and learning by providing: 

  • a cross-disciplinary space for dialogue which explores how teaching and learning can be enhanced throughout the university and beyond. 
  • a forum for fostering collaboration and bridging the gaps between students, staff, faculty, and community members. 
  • a space that values diverse perspectives and works towards creating active communities. 
  • professional development resources and workshops that support both scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

The goal of each dialogue session is to share well-rounded views related to teaching and learning, while encouraging the use of listening to promote open-mindedness and mutual respect for diverse perspectives. These events also offer a great way to explore difficult topics, practice and refine productive communication strategies, and develop skills in interpersonal communication and collaboration.  

On October 16 and November 13, the TLA will meet at noon in the west wing of the Wilson side of the library on the second floor. On October 30, the Western Gallery will co-host a special TLA collaborative event exploring the question “What does it mean to support refugees?" This event will include a fishbowl dialogue on this subject featuring a panel of authors and members of the WWU community. 

For more information, please see http://library.wwu.edu/tla.  To sign up for the TLA listserv, please email TLA@wwu.edu.  Students: there is also an opportunity to participate in the TLA for LIBR 340 “Speaking and Listening” practicum credit. For more information about the practicum, contact Shevell.Thibou@wwu.edu.