Supervisors and/or Payroll Approvers: prevention training past-due reports

Supervisors and/or payroll approvers may be receiving a monthly email report, outlining faculty, staff and/or student employees who are past-due for required online prevention training. The email will come from and is typically sent the first Thursday of each month. If you are a supervisor and/or payroll approver, and are not sure if you are receiving these emails, please review your inbox (as well as clutter/spam/junk folders) to ensure that you are receiving this email and following up accordingly with the employee and relevant supervisor as applicable to ensure trainings are completed in a timely manner.  

CRTC will provide periodic updates at the division/college level for any employees who continue to remain past-due and/or based on request from relevant leadership.

Please refer to the CRTC Training Overview webpage for additional information, including related FAQ’s for Supervisors.

For questions, please contact