Summer Noon Concert Series kicks off June 28

Summer Noon Concert Series

Wednesdays from noon – 1 p.m., FREE

Performing Arts Center Plaza (Viking Union MPP in case of rain)

Sponsor: AS Summer Programs

Event Facebook page:


June 28
Adrian Xavier


Music-maker, community leader, educator, Adrian Xavier has been spreading his uplifting message for almost two decades. His music is a union of positive energy with socially aware lyrics, striving to inspire people from all walks of life. Blending reggae and dub with genre bending projects, he has created music that delivers universal messages of peace, community and love.


July 5
Bellingham Girls Rock Camp – Benefit Concert


Heroes, a group of young musicians, will be rocking out to benefit the Bellingham Girls Rock Camp! Get ready to rock out and donate to this amazing local organization.


July 12
Robert Sarazin Blake


Blake’s philosophy is a dedication to the moment, to the connection within live performance. There is always a moment in a Blake show where the room pulls together and the space between the singer, the song, and the listener disappears.  


July 19


KREEA is a Seattle born singeress and guitarista. Her chord progressions borrow the harmonic vocabulary of Jazz, while her finger picking style is reminiscent of American Folk. Lyrically she finds inspiration from the turbulence of life as an independent woman. She and producer Pete Kim have developed a unique sound that is pop inspired; capturing the essence of nature vs. city life.


July 26


"By simply creating the music she wants, the resulting sound transcends genre boundaries. It’s pop, neo-folk, classically influenced and immersed in fantasy among a pool of other things." - McKenna Cardwell, What's Up Magazine