Studio Art BFA student exhibition opens Saturday

Show culminates a year of creative work.

Each spring, the Western Gallery presents works by graduating students in Western’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. This year-long studio art program is designed to guide budding artists, help them build their strengths, and propel them to independent careers in contemporary art. They work with a facilitator and faculty advisors who challenge and support them in the effort of conceptualizing and articulating their artistic endeavors. Over the course of a year, the students develop projects and navigate the arduous process of fabricating new works.

Their ambitions and impressive abilities are richly displayed in the graduation exhibition. Though the works vary widely, there are interconnected themes of self-discovery, identity, place, domesticity, and storytelling.


Mariah Deady, Alicia Gomez-Morales, Sam Hankins, Ben Herr, Tesla Kawakami, Kasey Kitchel, Ash Polk-Wheelock, Isabella Yates and Tai Vugia.

The artists are installing their works all week for an opening on Saturday. Time is precious, and the gallery is capacious, so look closely for wheeled expedients.