Student Technology Fee's annual Tech Initiatives Awards announced

Seven Student Technology Fee (STF) Tech Initiatives projects have been awarded for AY 2024. Projects include a wide range of new technology, from clinic audiology equipment to mirrorless cameras to a hand-held spectrometer.

You can see the complete award list on the STF website. Most of the projects will be implemented over the summer.

There was considerably less participation in the program this year, compared to last year: 11 abstracts, 9 resulting proposals, and, finally, 7 project awards.

Do you have a technology idea that would directly benefit students? Does it need funding? Prepare for next year:

  • Look for the Tech Initiatives “call for abstracts” in November. Every student and employee will receive a communication.
  • Refer to the STF Tech Initiatives web page for the process overview and timeline, which are very consistent from year to year.
  • See the STF home page for a broader view: STF mission, history of awarded projects, FAQ, etc.
  • Recommend a student to serve on the STF Tech Initiatives Committee next year! Students can contact Diane Bateman ( for instructions. Student and faculty representation is key to the success of the Tech Initiatives process.

“Information Technology Services appreciates partnering with the Associated Students leadership in sponsoring and selecting each year’s STF Tech Initiatives,” said Chuck Lanham, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. “Student involvement is so important, since the committee is deciding how to spend their money. Faculty involvement is also crucial — an at-large faculty and a rep from the ATC [Academic Technology Committee]. Together, the students and faculty share perspectives."

John Farquhar, director of ATUS and co-chair of the STF Tech Initiatives Committee, agreed.

“I’m always impressed with the caliber of the applications and the committee’s ability to discern and choose the proposals they recommend for funding,” he said.