Student filmmakers to screen new project 'The End of the Road' tonight in the VU

Western Washington University students Tai Uhlmann and Theo Angell will showcase their documentary, “The End of the Road” from 7:30-10 p.m. on Friday, June 2 in Viking Union 552.

The screening is open to the public and $6 at the door or $5 if you register early at

The film covers free-spirited Americans, Canadians and Europeans escaping conformity and dodging the Vietnam War draft to live in Lund, Canada where the adventurous community members find love and experiment with almost everything that traditional society can throw at them.

“I am a child of hippies raised in Lund, British Columbia, and when I would tell people about growing up with an outhouse and no electricity or running water, or that my parents did more drugs than I did, I realized that my childhood was not the norm,” Uhlmann said. “I realized that my parents’ generation that came to Canada in the ‘60s were aging and if we didn’t capture their stories this important piece of history would be lost.”

The film follows the hippies’ evolution from dropouts to community leaders, and is filled with photographs, original artwork and music created by those who live there.

Filmmaker Angell was raised in a very different household then Uhlmann, and this film allowed him to learn about different sets of societal norms.

 “I grew up in a very conservative, religious house, so through this project I learned a lot about hippies, humanity, idealism and the hidden nuances of each individual’s contribution to making the world a more beautiful place,” Angell said.

For more information on the film, contact or watch the trailer at