Salazar, Abel, Robert have research published

Debra Salazar, a professor of political science and affiliate professor of Environmental Studies, and Troy Abel, an associate professor of environmental studies, recently had their collaborative research, "States of Environmental Justice: Redistributive Politics across the United States, 1993–2004," published in the Review of Policy Research journal with their former graduate student, Patricia Robert.

Abstract: In the 20 years since a president committed federal government agencies to achieving environmental justice (EJ), states have been at the forefront of policy development. But states have varied in the nature and extent of their EJ efforts. We use Guttman Scaling to measure state EJ effort and test hypotheses regarding the relative importance of problem severity, politics, and administrative variables to variation in state policy development. Our analysis offers a novel characterization of state policy intensity and demonstrates its scalability. Income-based problem severity, environmental group membership, and nonwhite populations were important predictors of state EJ policy intensity during our study period. The political geography of EJ policy also displayed a distinctive southern pattern and the EJ policy intensity model contrasted significantly with a model of environmental policy innovation. The findings suggest that state EJ politics are more indicative of redistributive policy than regulatory.